Marcelo Quadros

Marcelo Quadros started his career as a fashion designer in the early 90s, Quadros was product of the famous Brazilian fashion event “Phytoervas Fashion”, where the main focus was finding new talents in the fashion world. After 3 years of participating and succeeding in this event, he was invited to be the head designer of the Brazilian fashion house Ellus, where he worked for 4 years and had the opportunity to collaborate with top Brazilian Fashion Industry people such as: Nelson Alvarenga, Adriana Bozon, Regina Guerreiro, Paulo Borges, Carlos Pazetto, Marcelo Seba, among others, he also worked internationally with likes Terry Richardson, Mila Yovovich and Tom Munro.

In 1998, Quadros decided to start his own personal project, his very own brand that carries his name, he wanted to create a sophisticated, exclusive and exuberant brand.

In the beginning of his solo career, he participated in different editions of Fashion Week in Brazil, called Casa dos Criadores, which helped him to gain immediate recognition and high demand from the country’s most important retail stores and boutiques nationwide.

In 2003, Marcelo Quadros’s  brand made the line-up for Sao Paulo Fashion Week, where he participated over 5 times. While succeeding in Brazil, he was recognized as “The New Star in Fashion 2004” during his first participation at the Miami Fashion Week.

After 15 years in the market the brand is symbol of sophistication and exclusivity, it is sold in approximately 65 stores in Brazil and 6 stores worldwide. It has been featured in all fashion magazines and editorials. Now his atelier merges Fashion and business, Quadros has developed products for well know brands as Nespresso, Daslu, and Moet-Chandon.

Today Quadros meets couture clients by appointment only and provides fashion consultancy services for various fashion segments, nationally and internationally, in addition to relaunch your collection ready to wear in 2015..